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"Smarter Aid, not more Aid!"

Cambodia coffee: grounds for optimism?

Update June 2018 - Takhmau is becoming far more cosmopolitan with newcomer Jim adding many dimensions – Lebanese-born but living and working most of his life away. France; United States, Italy, China and now Cambodia. I met Jim on his first day in Takhmau wondering what to do; where to stay. It seems my advice worked. He has settled here with his own Bar. A rarity too in Takhmau he's offering draft Tiger. Good luck, Jim!


December 2017 Preface to original blog

Three months away from Takhmau and we have five more new modern large coffee shops, taking us to over 20.  Inevitably two of the old ones have now closed. Even the traditional attractions (pretty girls) no longer seem to be working. Some of the new ones are quiet, fewer staff, less menu choice.  Much less talk too, more peering in to small screens. First coffee conquered the world, now it's conquering Takhmau!

Inspirations, lasting impressions

The humble Salmon - what a remarkable journey it makes with sheer dogged determination to return to where it was hatched, to spawn and die. 
Photographer Mike Smith similarly persisted. It took two years to capture this Northumbrian image at Hexham Bridge.

Very often people ask me “What keeps you going?”  There is no doubt that work in the “Aid and Development” industry is a struggle and frustrating. Just ask Nate!