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"Smarter Aid, not more Aid!"

I love to go a-wandering

Backpackers in Phnom Penh + Basil George "Wannabe"?*
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I love to go a-wandering,
Along the mountain track,
And as I go, I love to sing,
My knapsack on my back.

The parting of the dearly-departed.

The main part of the Buddhist Funeral with Monks

Foreword: Mr Erik W Davis has published a book "Deathpower: Imagining Religion in Contemporary Cambodia” that featured in this weekend’s Phnom Penh Post.  It describes local funeral arrangements and prompted me to write up my observations.  Mr Davis no doubt elaborates on these.
The man next door imbibed too much rice wine, probably a cocktail with brake fluid, had a massive stroke and soon succumbed to his fate in the small hours of the morning. The wife and neighbours had dragged his heaving body to the local hospital, somehow balanced on a motor-cycle.