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"Smarter Aid, not more Aid!"

“We have struggled to engage with people….”

 Housing in the UK - out with the new, in with the old?

Refurbished terrace house in Ashington, Northumberland, that once boasted the longest rows of such houses in the country, the homes of the once proud and mighty coalminers.
Glasgow demolition of tallest blocks of flats (apartments) in Europe

Recently I met a new colleague in the UK housing sector who lamented “We have struggled to engage with people in the north there!”

Failures are finger-posts on the road to….achievement!

Sage advice in a Ludlow Pub.
"Failures, repeated failures, are finger posts on the road to achievement. One fails forward toward success" attributed to C. S. Lewis and Charles F. Kettering

We had just left Northumberland, but I couldn’t help spotting this worldly advice in Worcestershire - clearly a sign for something to write about?

What a week it has been.  So now we are back in Cambodia after two months in the UK.