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"Smarter Aid, not more Aid!"

There's more to [NGOs] than meets the eye!


My favourite play on this blog-title idiom has to be with one of the North-East’s finest gifts to the culinary-discerning beyond our boundaries.  Greggs: More Than Meats the Pie

Now Cambodians like their bakery products too.  But what has this to do with NGOs?  Quite a lot as it happens, if you follow my way of linking life in Northumberland to the outside world.  It helps to make my points about Cambodia that is now (May 2015) contemplating a new law to regulate NGOs.

There but for the Grace of God goes I!

Lally Brown gives a fascinating insight in to the strength of spirit aroused in the wake of the misfortune caused by the Montserrat volcanic eruption.  I reviewed her published article – reproduced below.  In an instance, reading it took me back to Tristan da Cunha, its volcanic explosion in1961, with the evacuation of the island, and the many friends from there I have met over the years.  Most returned home.  There is no place like home.